STEP LOGIC: Machine Learning for Integrators

STEP LOGIC: Machine Learning for Integrators
Anna Nikitina
head of innovative solutions

Anna Nikitina, Head of Innovative Solutions at STEP LOGIC, believes that to solve clients' business issues, system integrators need to know and be able to use all the technologies that help clients to be successful in the market, including machine learning. 

In an intervie to ICT-online, Anna told about the projects that step LOGIC is currently implementing using machine learning technologies. Among them is the Service Desk system that uses machine learning to automatically classify and send applications to appropriate engineers, based on the analysis of the application text. 

Another project is related to the behavioral data mining for a major bank. Based on the data obtained, the system proactively notifies the security service operator about certain visitors of the bank. This is performed by means of video analytics using machine learning technology. 

"Companies are increasingly making business decisions based on the analysis of accumulated information or information flows from IoT devices and smart sensors. Machine learning technologies capable of continuously processing large amounts of data are emerging as a source of significant competitive advantage, " said Anna Nikitina, commenting on market trends. 

For details, read the article "Machine Learning for Integrators. Applications, Projects and Comments of the Market Players" on the ICT-online website.

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