STEP LOGIC: Environmental Digitalization

STEP LOGIC: Environmental Digitalization
Roman Ostapchuk
deputy CEO of technology development

In an interview to ComNews, Roman Ostapchuk, Deputy Head of Technical Development at STEP LOGIC, noted that advanced technologies, such as the Internet of Things and Big Data, have greatly facilitated the implementation of control functions for government agencies. 

“The platform allows to create a data collection system in terms of quasi-real-time control over key environmental indicators. In addition, if implemented properly, it will increase data transparency for both organizations and regulatory bodies, as well as for Russian citizens, ” said Roman Ostapchuk about the Ministry of Communications project on the creation of a unified state platform for collecting data, industrial Internet of Things and tools for analyzing data on observed objects.  

This will naturally entail additional costs, but will provide a flow of structured information, that is big data for further analysis. Collecting Big Data is already a business imperative, the first step that encourages enterprises go beyond automation of separate areas of their business and leverage the opportunities of combining local domains into global management structures.   

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