STEP LOGIC Upgrades Aeroclub's Contact Centre Based on Genesys Solutions

04 February 2019

Moscow, 4 February 2019. STEP LOGIC has completed the migration of the Aeroclub business travel agency contact centre to the Genesys Customer Interaction Management platform. The Platform has extensive functionality and is integrated with the company's existing systems, which has facilitated an acceleration of more than 10% on customer service time.

Given Aeroclub's business growth in 2018, the company needed to modernise the contact centre, a key communication channel that serves more than 1,000 of the agency's corporate customers on a 24/7 basis. The key requirements for the project were expansion of the contact centre's functionality and an increase in scalability and reliability.

"The business tourism market involves constant interaction with corporate customers. To provide the best service and promptly resolve issues that arise, we must be available 24/7. Therefore, the contact centre is a strategically important asset for us and a key business tool," explained Yulia Skalatskaya, Operations Director, Aeroclub Group of Companies.

STEP LOGIC implemented this project in five months using the Genesys Customer Interaction Management platform. STEP LOGIC has been cooperating with Genesys for more than 8 years in the deployment and upgrading of hi-tech platforms for contact centres, and it holds Genesys Silver Partner status.

As part of this project, the complex was integrated with the customer’s corporate systems, the voice recording system was upgraded and the new Agent Workstation functionality based on Genesys Workspace guaranteed contact centre operator versatility. To ensure fault tolerance, redundancy was ensured, and all components of the platform were placed in a Tier III data centre.

Operators were moved to the new platform with no interruption in customer service, which is crucial for companies providing round-the-clock service. STEP LOGIC and Aeroclub have created a single database and clear regulations for the exchange of information and events. To increase customer service speed and efficiency, the identification function was introduced to the contact centre, enabling the company to automatically transfer an incoming call to a group of operators who oversee a particular customer.

"An important tool for contact centres in B2B is call segmentation; it is important to save the customer's time and organise the workflow to ensure the customer instantly reaches the focused group of managers. Genesys provides the ideal tools to address this issue. The Vendor offers highly reliable and scalable solutions, as well as a flexible and fully ready-to-use platform for interaction across all possible digital communication channels. Genesys technologies and the long-term expertise of our employees helped us create a complete solution for the specific needs of the customer’s business and optimise its operating expenses," said Nikita Kochergin, Director of Unified Communications and Contact Centres, STEP LOGIC.

Thanks to the customised Genesys Workspace, the reception desk received functionality for prompt communication with remote contact centre employees. The Genesys CC Pulse+ application is used to obtain current and historical reporting; it which provides the operations manager with an instant overview of the contact centre's work in the form of easy-to-understand, customised reports containing the necessary metrics and statistics.

During the project, over 100 voice call distribution strategies were analysed, and more than 45 types of reporting were created. The newest versions of Genesys software are now installed in the Aeroclub contact centre, which enables the full use of the contact centre platform's functionality and reach a new level of customer service quality.

“The expansion of the contact centre's capabilities, including the implemented real-time and historical reporting, has allowed us to significantly increase the speed of servicing voice calls and improve the efficiency of communication with customers. In 2019, we plan to transfer the processing of all existing channels for non-voice calls to the Genesys platform, and deploy additional functionality to interact with customers. This will allow us to unite all our disparate channels into a single system, to ensure full implementation of the omni-channel concept," said Nikolay Belotserkovsky, Project Manager, Aeroclub Group of Companies.

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