STEP LOGIC to Help Government Agencies with Import Substitution

14 December 2021

Solutions backed by Russian hard- and software promise to switch up to 90% of workstations to domestic IT products in just four months.

STEP LOGIC has developed a unique suite of standardised solutions to build IT infrastructure for regional authorities. All the hardware and software underlying the solutions is listed on the Unified Register of Russian Programmes for Electronic Computers and Databases and the Register of Industrial Products Manufactured in the Russian Federation. The hard- and software suite comprises products originated from top Russian engineering companies, including Aquarius, Sitronix, ICL, Aerodisk, Yadro, Eltex, Communigate, Astra Linux, Baikal Electronics, Avanpost, Dr.WEB, Group-IB, Indeed, InfoWatch, Kaspersky, Positive Technologies, Katusha, R-7 Office, and My Office.

The solutions on offer take care of import substitution needs on any scale, covering whatever the customer happens to be needing at the moment: from PC updates to office software, directory services, mail, messaging, multi-user computing and centralised printing to upgrades of virtualization systems, remote workstations and backuping. The solutions use domestically produced server-side and user-side operating systems. The hard- and software solutions come with embedded data protection systems to fend off cyber-threats and assure compliance with the regulatory security requirements for government IT systems.

Implementation of these solutions paves the way for migrating the existing IT systems and services to an updated infrastructure with their full functionality intact. As many as 90% of all workstations will eventually migrate to domestic IT products this way. And the best part is that the project only takes four months to complete since all solutions have been tested and fully prepared by the STEP LOGIC in-house lab.

A radical transition to new solutions on all IT infrastructure levels at once would overburden tech support and may disrupt the organisation's business. As a way to avert the adverse implications, STEP LOGIC offers three years' worth of expert post-sale support for the systems and services implemented, and will also train the customer's system administrators and users.

«When working on an import phase-out project for government agencies or local self-governments, it is extremely important to deliver a seamless transition to new solutions while treating the users' computer skills and expertise respectfully. We carefully plan our data migration jobs and new launches, and where the task is to preserve some highly specific utility software, we will ensure its full connectivity with the new solutions we put in place», explained Sergei Kapliy, Director of Computing Systems at STEP LOGIC.

To learn more about the STEP LOGIC solutions for a regional government IT infrastructure that make imports redundant, or to lodge a testing application, visit the STEP LOGIC website.


STEP LOGIC ( has provided network and systems integration services in the Russian market for 29 years. STEP LOGIC is an employer of over 600 staff, with offices in Moscow, Kazan, Yerevan, and Almaty. The company has more than 350 engineers and system architects on staff who are certified by the world-leading equipment manufacturers: APC by Schneider Electric, Avaya, Check Point, Cisco Systems, Crestron, Dell Technologies, Extron, Fortinet, HPE, Huawei, IBM, Juniper Networks, Lenovo, Microsoft, Polycom, Unify, and others. The company's range of solutions and services includes network and systems integration, audiovisual solutions, videoconferencing systems and call centers, end-to-end security, data processing and storage services, network and engineering infrastructure development for buildings, IoT, and a full range of tech support and maintenance services for IT systems, including consulting, auditing, and outsourcing.

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