STEP LOGIC — the channel partner of CommuniGate Systems

28 August 2019

The most renowned product of this software developer is CommuniGate Pro — a single platform for email, calendar, telephony, web app access, contact centre, audio and video chats and other communication services.

In addition to its extensive functionality, CommuniGate Pro offers another important advantage — compatibility with all existing global operating systems (Windows, Linux MacOS, iOS, Android, FreeBSD, Solaris) and Russian platforms (Astra, ALT, RedSoft, etc.). Another benefit is a relatively low cost of its use: 2-14 times less as compared to similar solutions offered by leading global vendors (depending on the number of workplaces).

These advantages make the products of this vendor attractive both for public sector organisations that are in the process of migration from proprietary software products as part of the import substitution industrialisation, and for businesses seeking ways to cut their costs. Currently, among CommuniGate Pro users are the State Duma of the Russian Federation, a number of Russian ministries and government agencies, Russian Railways, as well as some commercial companies including foreign businesses. CommuniGate Pro is also widely used at universities.

STEP LOGIC employs certified engineers to support the implementation of projects using CommuniGate Pro across the Russian Federation.

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