STEP LOGIC Supports Largest Career Forum for Young Professionals Find IT

11 March 2019

STEP LOGIC will act as a partner of the main career forum for young IT professionals (students and graduates) – Naiti IT (Find IT) – which will be held on 14 March 2019 in the Amber Plaza business centre (36 Krasnoproletarskaya st., Moscow, Russia). The event participants will have the opportunity to attend speeches by leading technical experts from STEP LOGIC as well as to do an internship in a system integrator with a 26-year history of successful operations in the markets of Russia and the CIS countries.

The following experts from STEP LOGIC will conduct the "System integration: innovations and future technologies" workshop at the Naiti IT forum: Nikolay Zabusov, Director of Information and Network Security, and Nikita Kochergin, Director of Unified Communications and Contact Centres. They will talk about advanced solutions for the integrated IT infrastructure at various sites and discuss trends in the development of information technology with the audience. The most active participants in the discussion will not only receive useful gifts, but will also be invited for an interview with the Company.

At the moment, STEP LOGIC provides positions for beginners (24 to 40 hours per week) in the following key areas: network and information security, unified communications and contact centres, network solutions, computing systems, etc. Internship at STEP LOGIC is an excellent chance for beginners to gain practical knowledge with the support of the best industry experts and take part in real-life projects of the Russia's leading system integrator.

STEP LOGIC employs more than 600 employees, including 300+ engineers and system architects certified by leading global manufacturers. The range of solutions and services offered includes network and system integration, services in the field of data processing and storage, construction of network and engineering infrastructure of buildings and facilities, provision of information and integrated security, unified communication systems, VCS and contact centres, solutions in the field of industrial safety and IoT, as well as a full range of services for technical support, maintenance of information systems, including consulting, auditing and outsourcing of IT. The Company has implemented tens of thousands of projects to more than 8,000 customers over 26 years. STEP LOGIC cooperates with 15 global partners that are the largest international system integrators.

“The peculiarity of the project high-tech business is that the main resources that add value to the product are human intelligence, competences, knowledge and experience. That is why the statement that the main value of the company is people has a deep meaning for us. We know for sure, and the 26-year success story of STEP LOGIC confirms that only thanks to investments in human capital and the creation of conditions for professional and personal growth of employees you can create an effective team of like-minded people. As of today, STEP LOGIC has the highest competencies, some of which are unique not only in Russia, but internationally. And we are happy to welcome graduates and young professionals to our ranks. Our employees are trained and certified in both technological areas and soft skills. In addition, the practical experience, knowledge and skills that young people receive as part of project activities is invaluable for any professional. The scale and complexity of the projects implemented by the Company provide all possibilities for this," said Irina Grishina, Deputy General Director for Human Resources, STEP LOGIC.

Naiti IT (Find IT) is the largest forum for career development in high technology. Every year it is visited by more than 3,000 students and graduates who specialise in IT. The event is attended by HR and technical experts from top IT companies. Here you can find interesting vacancies, learn about the requirements and working environment in a particular company, as well as assess your own competitiveness. The event always includes workshops and competitions with prizes from employers. To take part in Naiti IT, please register on the Forum website and get a ticket.

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