STEP LOGIC presents Smart City and Smart Factory solutions

10 April 2018

Moscow, April 2018. STEP LOGIC took part in Cisco Connect 2018, the largest ITC forum in the CIS. As part of the Cisco – World of Solutions exhibition in the Internet of Things demo zone, the company demonstrated its hardware-software solution for the monitoring and management of urban environments and industrial infrastructure. The technology was developed using equipment and software from Cisco, RST-Invent and HeadPoint.

The STEP LOGIC team treated the guests and participants of Cisco Connect to a presentation of a model smart city, with residential blocks, a retail center and transport infrastructure. Thanks to the Smart City prototype developed by the company, exhibition attendees were able to see the parking space monitoring system, the PA system, the rail transport monitoring system, the license plate and automobile identification system and the street light management system in action.

The Smart City model is a manifestation of the STEP LOGIC project, combining the Cisco Kinetic for Cities solution, the HeadPoint integration platform, and video analytics and RFID technology and equipment from RST-Invent. All the information about various urban systems' operation is directed to a situational awareness center based on STEP LOGIC's own Visor mobile management system,with an integrated Cisco IPICS/Instant Connect emergency communications unit.

In the Smart Factory zone, STEP LOGIC showed off its technology for ensuring workplace health and safety. Employee positioning units make it possible to receive and analyse information about employee activity in real time. And RFID technologies enable stocks of required clothes and protective equipment to be monitored and managed. If an employee is missing even one item of personal protective equipment required by their job specification, an alarm is raised.

In addition to demonstrating smart city and smart factory solutions, STEP LOGIC representatives also took part in activities at the Contact Centre: Yekaterina Krupchitskaya, Head of Solutions at STEP LOGIC, made a presentation entitled "Step by step towards customer engagement". In her presentation, she talked about STEP LOGIC's experience in developing and adapting call centres to meet specific customer requirements.

"It's hard to believe that we've been partners with Cisco for 21 years already. It's a symbolic number for the market: in some countries, 21 is the age at which you come of age, and our cooperation with this vendor can also be said to have come of age, and succeeded. For 21 years we've been cooperating with Cisco to try and predict the development trajectories of technologies and how our customer requirements are going to change, adapting the successful experience of western countries to the realities of the Russian market. We've implemented thousands of projects using Cisco technologies, we at the company have received a number of global and regional awards, we've accumulated a wealth of knowledge about Cisco's various product lines, which has been quite a challenge considering how fast the company is growing and how it's constantly diversifying its business and product range.Participation in Cisco Connect also gives us a great opportunity to show off not only our expertise in providing solutions, but also our own innovative offerings. The job of an integrator is to understand the needs of the market in minute detail and develop solutions that help its customers grow their businesses by optimising their production and business processes. STEP LOGIC has done this quite successfully. We integrate Cisco's cutting edge technologies with solutions offered by local businesses such as RST-Invet and HeadPoint, utilizing all the competencies of our holding to create solutions that best serve the needs of our customers," said Dmitry Yakushev, STEP LOGIC's Head of Sales.

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