STEP LOGIC extends the capabilities of the KeyMaster access control system

07 May 2018

Moscow, May 7, 2018. STEP LOGIC announces the expansion of integration and functional capabilities of the KeyMaster product. The network solution with centralised management seamlessly fits into the infrastructure of geographically distributed facilities, where it is necessary to improve the level of security of access control and management.

The customised KeyMaster solution is created based on the development of the domestic manufacturer KeyGuard and is designed to organise secure storage of keys and a fully automated process for their receipt and issue. After upgrading, the key house became an IoT element: the solution seamlessly integrates with various ACS identifiers, facility security systems and personnel accounting software, and flexibly scales for the customer's tasks. Thus, organisations with a developed branch network, state structures, and management companies have the opportunity to work in a single information security environment.

"Automated key storage systems have become widespread in the Russian market. However, the development of technologies and universal digitalisation impose new requirements for the organisation of integrated security. The increased needs of customers have become a driver for expanding the capabilities of KeyMaster. Obvious advantages of the solution are scalability, prompt decision-making, ease of operation, and a wide range of integration opportunities. The system can be used at any facility—airports, hotels or residential complexes—and allows meeting the most stringent requirements for the reliability and security of access control systems," comments Yury Batyzhev, Director of the Engineering Systems Department at STEP LOGIC.


KeyMaster allows organising multi-level access of users to the keystore. Employees are identified with biometric data (fingerprints, iris, etc.). Thanks to the versatility of this technology, KeyMaster can be used, among other things, on critically important facilities in terms of security: transport, industrial, energy, military, cultural, in data centres, etc. Authorisation is possible via magnetic cards or with the help of a pin code.


After the successful user identification procedure, the light board with a cell assigned to a specific key lights up on the key housing. The keys are attached to a smart key holder with built-in chips, the data from which are used every time it is necessary to take the key from the keystore or return it. Thus, the possibility of confusion and loss of keys is completely eliminated.


The KeyMaster intellectual database is represented by specialised software developed by the experts of STEP LOGIC for integrating the solution with the facility's security systems (for example, with access control, fire alarms), as well as data synchronisation with personnel management programmes. To quickly respond to emergencies and prevent incidents, the system notifies about receiving and issuing key holders, the expiration of the key outside the system, and when the alarm is triggered. The key may be transferred to other authorised users through a special application for smartphones.

For the maximum security, the housing of the key house can be of an anti-vandal design. The KeyMaster control panel has a convenient web interface where it is possible to quickly get an archive of events, search for a key and locate it. A unique group or personal access level is created for each user of the key storage system. From 20 up to 2,000 keys, up to 50,000 users, and up to 50,000 events can be connected to one storage system.

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