STEP LOGIC and UBiqube become partners

14 May 2021

STEP LOGIC has signed a long-term partnership agreement with UBiqube, the manufacturer of the software of MSActivatorTM integrated automation platform. The company will promote the platform framework in Russia and the CIS countries.

The MSActivator platform is designed for the development and execution of automation processes for a multi-domain, multi-vendor IT infrastructure. It consists of modules for integration and automation. The first one is used to integrate a wide range of solutions from different manufacturers into specific IT systems, e.g. cloud technologies, network solutions, security systems, Internet of things, etc. The automation module provides a unified environment for developing automation processes without reference to the underlying solutions or manufacturers used.

At this time STEP LOGIC and UBiqube experts are working on the possibility of creating a solution for orchestration, automation and response to cyber incidents (SOAR) based on the MSActivator platform, which will simplify the execution of daily tasks and remove the routine burden from IS-analysts. Using the specified algorithms, the SOAR system automates the response processes, which significantly speeds up the analysis of IS-incidents.

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