STEP LOGIC and Check Point discuss business development prospects

20 July 2018

STEP LOGIC and Check Point have held a field seminar where 50 employees from the two companies discussed the trends of the information technologies market, the opportunities for further development of joint projects and presented their products and solutions. The event was held on July 18 at the Panda Park active recreation centre.

STEP LOGIC has been in the market of information and network security for over 15 years. In this time the integrator has implemented hundreds of projects for major corporate and state clients, the company's specialists hold over 350 certificates from international non-profit organisations and major information security vendors. STEP LOGIC is a partner with 80 leading Russian and foreign information security solution vendors. The integrator has been cooperating with Check Point for over 10 years now and is currently a 3 Starts Partner and a Certified Collaborative Support Provider (CCSP) of Check Point. Systems engineers and architects of the company hold the highest possible Check Point Certified Security Expert and Certified Security Master certificates, confirming the expert level of their competences with regards to Check Point solutions.

In order to continue effective cooperation and set new ambitious goals, STEP LOGIC and Check Point held a joint field seminar where employees from both companies made presentations.


Thus, STEP LOGIC Head of Sales Dmitry Yakushev talked about the organisational structure of the company, its main areas of business and introduced the teams of the sales and technology directorates. Special attention was devoted to the Step+ programme whose goal is the creation of unique co-branded products and multi-vendor solutions. The programme envisions integration of the technology expertise of STEP LOGIC with the solutions and equipment of domestic and foreign vendors. At the moment solutions are being developed for situational monitoring, CCTV, IoT and Smart City.


Nikolai Zabusov, Head of Information and Network Security at STEP LOGIC, talked about the competences of his department, their experience with specific projects, interesting case studies as well as the competitive advantages of the integrator's team that can be useful for the vendor both pre and post-sale.


Anton Antropov, Head of Business Development at STEP LOGIC, made a presentation on the innovative solutions that the integrator sees as having the most market potential. STEP LOGIC specialists also offer an integrated incident orchestration solution called SIEM, which automates incident response and monitoring processes as well as information security and event-based video analytics functions. In addition, the speaker talked about the capabilities of big data based operations analytics. STEP LOGIC uses a variety of graphical representations (static and dynamic visualisation) to visualise KPIs that businesses can understand and also develops customised 3D interfaces.

Anton Antropov concluded his presentation by presenting STEP LOGIC's own Visor mobile control centre to the Check Point Team. Visor is an innovative multimedia solution that makes it possible to quickly deploy a mobile security operations centre (SOC). The most important advantage of Visor is that it can be used under extreme conditions in a broad range of temperatures, which makes this complex the only product of its kind in the market.

The presentation of the Check Point team started with an address by Tatiana Komissarova, the company's partner's relations officer, who talked about the company's organisational structure and the partnership programme, among other things. Thus, the vendor's partners get access to the technical experitse of Check Point, demo equipment, training seminars for technicians and sales staff, information and marketing support. Dmitry Titkov, Head of the Business Sector, presented an overview of Check Point's currently available solutions.


Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is the world's largest vendor of information security solutions. The company develops solutions for protection against cyber attacks that offer unsurpassed levels of detection of malware and protection against other types of attacks. Check Point offers a complete security infrastructure that protects both the local area networks of big organisations as well as their mobile devices and offers the most comprehensive and intuitive interface for controlling the security system. Check Point was a trailblaser in the Fire Wall 1 industry and patented the Stateful Inspection technology.

After the end of the official part of the event Check Point and STEP LOGIC employees took part in some team games.


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