STEP LOGIC Shares Impressions about Cisco Connect 2019 Сonference

STEP LOGIC Shares Impressions about Cisco Connect 2019 Сonference
Inna Ozerova
Chief Marketing Officer

In late March, Cisco Connect 2019, the largest ICT forum in the CIS, was held in Moscow. The ICT-Online journalist asked market participants to share their views on the past event. Inna Ozerova, Marketing Director at STEP LOGIC said:
Inna Ozerova, Marketing Director at STEP LOGIC

"STEP LOGIC as the oldest partner of Cisco Systems constantly participates in the key event of the year, demonstrating solutions created in collaboration with Cisco and our internal vendors. Thus, this year, in the Internet of Things exhibition area, we presented solutions to be used in the digital transformation of industrial companies, as well as in design and construction. The market for solutions to digital business and manufacturing transformation has entered a stage of active development and has significant potential for growth. The needs of customers are constantly changing, their demands are growing, and both manufacturers and integrators focus on increasing speed and improving the quality of service to work at a faster pace.

Cisco solutions are the driver of digital transformation processes and set the vector of their development throughout the world. Cisco Connect develops and changes from year to year, the number of visitors is growing, and the composition of exhibitors is transforming. In this sense, Cisco Connect is a reflection of the processes that occur in IT and in the economy as a whole. The vendor consistently tries to go ahead of progress, to be an evangelist of the freshest ideas whose embodiment in real companies qualitatively changes their business. Every year, the Cisco Connect site gathers caring people who share values such as innovation, development, and progress. This site is both a space for demonstrating the most advanced technologies and an invaluable opportunity for communication, exchange of knowledge and experience. STEP LOGIC has been working with Cisco for over 20 years, and we are pleased that our longstanding cooperation has allowed us to offer our customers the most relevant and effective solutions."

Source: ICT-Online

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