STEP LOGIC on Cisco's Strategy «Internet for Future»

STEP LOGIC on Cisco's Strategy «Internet for Future»
Maksim Pikulin
deputy Chief Technical Officer     for special projects

In December 2019, Cisco company announced its strategy «Internet for the Future» and introduced an ambitious microprocessor architecture. In a conversation with a correspondent of Maxim Pikulin, the head of STEP LOGIC's network solutions division, assessed the vendor's new technologies as highly promising and also announced that the company was ready to work with the innovative equipment.

Just to remind you that according to Cisco's vision, the new Internet will not be subject to the limitations on productivity, efficiency, and power consumption that can be observed today. Cisco's long-term strategy defining the future of networking technologies for the decades to come, offers developers an opportunity to create applications and services that were previously unimaginable (see Cisco News, December 12, 2019).

Among the innovations announced by Cisco in late 2019 is Cisco Silicon One, the first unified semiconductor architecture that can be used anywhere in the network in any form factor, as well as the new Cisco 8000 line, the first Silicon One-based platform with the new IOS XR7 operating system. The Cisco 8000 line reduces the cost of building and operating mass networks for applications and services like 5G, video, and clouds. Cisco also announced plans to use flexible technology deployment options (first tested on the Cisco Optics portfolio) and to disaggregate Cisco IOS-XR software, including Cisco Silicon One.

"Cisco gets a serious competitive advantage and is a step ahead of the others. The new equipment portfolio will be widely used to design and build networks ensuring operation of technologies for the intelligent Internet of things, 5G networks, virtual and augmented reality technologies, streaming 16K video, artificial intelligence, cyber security, etc. Considering the inevitable digital transformation awaiting us in the near future, the new equipment has great prospects for application in the Russian market. The launch of the unique Cisco 8000 Series platform based on the new Cisco Silicon One Q100 unified programmable chip is a significant step towards creating a high-performance, feature-rich element for building 'networks of the future' for Russian telecom operators and large corporate customers, while it significantly cuts down building and operation costs," says Maxim Pikulin.

According to him, STEP LOGIC is actively studying and testing all new and innovative products, thus enriching its solution portfolio in order to offer the most advanced technologies to the company's customers.


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