STEP LOGIC will demonstrate the capabilities of its Visor Mobile Control Centre at the Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition 2018

28 May 2018

Moscow, June 2018. Step Logi is going to take part in the International Salon Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition 2018 devoted to security solutions. At the exhibition, the integrator's specialists will be presenting a solution that was developed in-house: the Visor Mobile Control Centre.

The International Salon Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition 2018 will take place on June 6 through June 8, 2018 at the Noginsk Rescue Centre of the EMERCOM of Russia. The event is Russia's largest national-level exhibition that seeks to showcase the results of the state policy in civil defence, defence of the population and territories against emergencies, and ensuring fire safety. The exhibition is being organised by the EMERCOM of Russia and the Ministry of the Interior of Russia.

At the Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition 2018 STEP LOGIC will show the guests and other participants the technical capabilities of its Visor Mobile Control Centre. The solution allows the operators to immediately deploy secure videoconferencing, a monitoring system and other systems that require graphical presentation of information. The solution from STEP LOGIC allows for the simultaneous connection of up to 11 signal sources in digital and analogue formats as well as wireless sources of video feeds. In addition, the most important advantage of the Visor is that it can be used under extreme conditions and within wide ranges of temperatures, which makes this system the only market product with such characteristics.

The Visor Mobile Control Centre is an innovative solution from STEP LOGIC, which combines reliability, ease of use, scalability and upgradability to specific tasks of customers and application conditions. The Visor is designed for defence and law enforcement agencies, emergency units, healthcare organisations, major construction companies, oil and gas companies, state and private organisations with wide branch networks, which have mobile headquarters and operating locations requiring periodic migration.

Earlier the Visor Mobile Control Centre was used to monitor the immediate conditions during the large-scale ecological campaign The Victory Forest and participated in the special tactical exercises based on the scenario of the liquidation of the spring high water in the Moscow region.

For more information about the programme of the exhibition and how to participate follow this link.

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