STEP LOGIC ensured the Rosgosstrakh Bank’s IT infrastructure disaster resistance

09 November 2021

The fault-tolerant IT foundation was created on the basis of the Cisco ACI network solution for a further growth and development of the bank services.

STEP LOGIC has completed a project of the disaster-resistant network and computing infrastructure development for the Rosgosstrakh Bank. To ensure the continuity of business processes, the bank IT functionals were split into two geographically distributed data processing centers.

STEP LOGIC specialists were tasked with developing fault-tolerant IT foundation that supports the latest information security technologies, for the bank to be able not only to ensure minimum downtime and continuous availability of existing IT functionals, but also to quickly boost the capacity to increase the speed of implementation of new services and client service.

As part of the project, a geographically distributed virtualizing cluster was created in two data processing centers—the primary and the backup—and synchronous replication was configured between the data storage systems.

The network that connects the data centers is implemented on the ACI factory basis: a set of switches under the same APIC cluster control. Cisco ACI facilitates management of the network as a single object based on a policy model, ensuring tight integration with various computing infrastructure virtualization environments, the ability to build information security in accordance with the concept of zero trust, timely boost of the network capacities, reduced labor costs and risks during network operation.

«It is one of the first large-scale Cisco ACI technology implementations in Russia. It was not a simple integration of the ACI factory into an existing solution: based on it, we rebuilt the architecture of the bank’s entire data processing center network. At the same time, the previous network interaction logic was retained, making it possible to promptly implement the new architecture without interrupting existing business processes, — commented Dmitry Lopatkin, an expert on network solutions for STEP LOGIC data centers. — Considering that around a hundred information systems were migrating at the same time, our specialists had to carry out a lot of preparations. Plans were prepared for 65 target infrastructure transition stages; each of them was detailed and tested in the laboratory»

«Initially, we focused on the creation of a geographically extended cluster, since one of the most important conditions for the effective operation of the bank is the reliability and continuity of services provided to clients. The new model of disaster recovery guarantees data safety and minimal information system downtime, and the intervention of technical personnel in the event of an emergency in one of the data processing centers or an accident on communication channels is not required. In addition, we received a modern platform that accounts for current trends in network infrastructure management, information security, and computing technologies, allowing us to keep pace with the times and make our services faster and smoother», — pointed Igor Mushakov, the Rosgosstrakh Bank IT director.

About Rosgosstrakh Bank

Bank for motorists (RGS Bank PJSC, general license No. 3073 issued by the Bank of Russia, founded in 1994) is a Russian bank, part of the Otkritie Bank Group, with a focus on attracting and providing comprehensive services to motorists and auto business companies. It is in the TOP-5 market leaders in terms of loans and in the TOP-10 of the car loan portfolio. The credit institution’s network covers more than 90 cities in 66 constituent entities of Russia. More than 3.3 thousand car dealership partners all over Russia are connected to cooperation with the bank. Particular emphasis is placed on the digital transformation of business and the development of online channels for the registration of financial products in one click. The key project within the framework of building an omnichannel sales model is the, a marketplace for buying and selling cars. The bank has a credit rating from Expert Rating Agency at the ruBBB+ level.


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