STEP LOGIC and Panduit Hold a Field Seminar

20 August 2018

STEP LOGIC and Panduit hold a field seminar attended by 30 employees of both companies. Such issues as current trends in the utility systems market, latest solutions for creating a reliable and modern infrastructure of data centers, buildings and facilities, as well as prospects for joint projects development were discussed at the seminar.

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Engineering Systems is one of the oldest departments at STEP LOGIC. For 20 years of developing this area the integrator has acquired one of the strongest expertise on the market confirmed by more than 200 diplomas and certificates of industry organisations and leading world manufacturers of infrastructure solutions.

The key competencies of the Engineering Systems Department at STEP LOGIC include design and construction of DPC, design and installation of engineering infrastructure of buildings and facilities (structured cabling systems, power supply, climate control systems, technical security equipment, automation and scheduling) as well as creating CCTV and monitoring systems, ACS, design and construction of smart buildings, IoT. Besides, STEP LOGIC engeneers have competencies in the field of modern design technologies: BIM, 3D laser scanning, CFD modelling

STEP LOGIC is a Gold level partner of Panduit. In more than 12 years of cooperation the integrator team has implemented dozens of major projects based on Panduit solutions for such customers as the Moscow Exchange, Southern Federal University, Ford Sollers, the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, and others. Despite the longstanding collaboration partners had a lot to discuss. Both companies are developing together with the market, new technologies emerge, new areas of joint activity open up, and the staff number is growing. The field seminar programme included presentations of both companies as well as the unofficial part in the form of an intellectual game.

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Yury Batyzhev, head of the Engineering Systems Department at STEP LOGIC introduced specialists of technical and commercial directorates; he also spoke about the structure of the company and the competencies of business unit in his charge. Special attention was paid to the Step+ programme whose goal is creating unique co-branded products and multi-vendor solutions. The programme envisions integration of the technology expertise of STEP LOGIC with the solutions and equipment of domestic and foreign vendors. As of today, STEP LOGIC's team is developing solutions for situational monitoring, CCTV, the Internet of Things and Smart City.

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Alexander Bryuzgin, head of Panduit Russia, spoke about the development stages of Panduit Russia, the company structure and key employees of the Moscow office. He also mentioned the vendor's R&D investments, pricing, new solutions of Panfuit for DPC, buildings, offices and industrial networks. The final part of the presentation was devoted to the goals and opportunities of the global Panduit One programme and its preferences for partners.

Panduit is a global leader in the development of innovative infrastructure solutions. The vendor's expertise spans all the elements of hard infrastructure and is based on the principle of integration and cooperation between building utility systems. Panduit's solutions help reduce operating risks, improve security, accessibility, reliability of different systems connected to the local facility network, thereby radically cutting the total cost of ownership.

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Once the business part of the event was over, STEP LOGIC and Panduit took part in an intellectual game called QUIZ.PLEASE.

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