Step Logic successfully introduces its own software to increase efficiency of contact centers:

The contact center operator workplace (STEP EARM®) is a tool created for contact center operators and designed to increase the level of service for clients and optimize work of operators. Via the interface of this tool, the operator obtains all the required information about the client’s call and the essence of his request.

STEP EARM® (Unified Automated Workplace) is a flexible solution that can be adapted for any customer: communication operator, bank, insurance company, inquiry service etc. STEP EARM® can be used for handling calls coming to the contact center from existing and potential clients both via phone and via multimedia channels.

Step Telemarketing is one of the most relevant communication tools in modern business. Telemarketing is the basis for calling sales and it promotes:

  • optimization of the existing customer service
  • sales of goods and services
  • attraction of new customers
  • expansion of the existing client base

Step Telemarketing software can be used for:

  • calling existing and potential clients to offer goods and services
  • studying market demands and surveying customers
  • informing about preventive maintenance activities, debts, payment times etc.

Step Telemarketing is a client-server solution and includes two applications:

  • Telemarketing Manager provides all the functions required to configure business scenarios of outgoing calls using a single interface making it possible to control and monitor the application
  • Telemarketing Agent provides a user-friendly interface to the contact center operator to make all outgoing calls and ensures easy use of the software

STEP CRM CONNECTOR® is a universal tool for integration of contact centers and corporate systems with the client-server architecture. It consists of two applications:

  • CTI Server is the server application that ensures interaction with the contact center platform on the one hand and with the corporate system on the other.
  • CTI Panel is an area of the window of the corporate system that is the workplace for the contact center operator. This application makes it possible for the contact center operator to control incoming calls directly in the interface of the corporate system without switching between windows and distracting to the telephone.

Integration with the CRM system widens the functionality of the contact center:

  • increase the quality of service for clients
  • standardize the service procedures
  • reduce costs