Quality policy

The fulfilment of the mission set is provided by solving the tasks planned for 2017:

1. Analysing best practices for assessment of customer satisfaction and implementing an assessment of project satisfaction, based on the results of the analysis.

2. Solving the task of releasing high-quality project deliverables and technical documentation that meet the requirements of state standards, with observance of terms and obligations under contracts with partners.

3. Increasing the effectiveness of communication on the project and the implementation of project technical tasks, implementing a platform for the formation of a knowledge base for the projects.

4. Developing, approving a service level agreement for all services of the Information Technology Department, working out and implementing procedures for its compliance.

5. Reviewing the motivation system for the Commercial and Technical Directorates in order to increase its transparency, flexibility, motivate employees to fulfil the company's plans and objectives.

6. Our principles are:

  • Continuous improvement of the quality management system, based on a monthly analysis of processes and analysis of the entire management system for the year.
  • As a result of the analysis, making changes to the processes, motivational schemes, planning steps for improvement.

The planned steps based on the results of the analysis for 2016 are approved in paragraphs 1 to 5 of this Policy.

The management of STEP LOGIC LLC assumes the obligation to follow this Policy and the established requirements for the quality management system, to create conditions for the implementation of the Policy by all members of the team.