Information systems of the Social Security Fund (SSF) were built based on the principle of territorial data storage and processing, and stipulated the use of standard application and safety software components, data storage systems, automated workstations, telecommunication means, and data protection tools at each executive body of the Fund.

As a part of development of the Fund’s system, the need for centralisation became apparent, where computing facilities and data storage systems are gathered in two large data-processing centres.


The solution was divided into three stages.

At the first stage, Step Logic specialists developed a project of building a SSF IT infrastructure, including the infrastructure of the principal and backup data processing centres.

The second stage involved building the infrastructure of the principal data processing centre, including over 300 servers, such as IBM HX5, IBM HS22, IBM Power 740. To store the data, disk arrays of EMC’s VNX family were selected. The total volume of the data storage system amounted to over 1 PB. Most of the DPC servers were designated for VMware vSphere virtualisation platform that is used for the deployment of application servers. For remote access of users to application systems, a system of virtual workstations for 10,000 users was built based on Citrix Xen Desktop software. Data backup is carried out by means of Symantec Net Backup software. EMC Data Domain disk libraries with a total capacity of 500 TB and an automated IBM TS3500 tape library with a capacity of over 2.1 PB in uncompressed form are used as storages for backup copies.

At the third stage, the principal DPC infrastructure was built, comprising over 200 IBM Flex System x240, IBM Power 740 servers. IBM Storwize V7000, IBM System Storage DS8000 disc arrays with a total capacity exceeding 1 PB were used as storage systems. To organise the virtualisation environment, VMware vSphere software is used. The backup portion of the virtual workstation system was created based on Citrix Xen Desktop software. User connections are balanced by means of Citrix Net Scaler equipment. The back up system is built based on Symantec Net Backup software, IBM TS7650G ProtecTIER Deduplication Gateway, IBM Storwize V7000 data storage system, and IBM TS3500 automated tape library.


As a result, a new software and hardware platform possessing high reliability and performance qualities, failure safety and scalability was created for the client.

The resulting IT infrastructure allowed centralising the existing systems of the client. User workplaces were materially simplified, their mobility was improved. Software applications placed in data processing centres are provided to users as a service, and their operation can be carried out through a common web browser, terminal device, or by means of a virtual work desk technology.