RUSSIA CONSULTING was founded in 2003 in Moscow, and it has been rapidly developing ever since. In 2015, the number of its employees around the globe exceeded 400 people.  

Today, RUSSIA CONSULTING offers various services in the following areas:

  • Market analysis
  • Imports, customs clearance and certification
  • Consulting in the area of setting up businesses
  • Optimisation of CEO functions
  • Legal address registration
  • Subletting completely equipped office facilities
  • Accounting and financial support, reporting according to international standards (IFRS, US GAAP)
  • Fiscal consulting
  • IT services (accounting automation, ERP)
  • Personnel selection for accounting, finances and IT
  • Controls and internal audit
  • Business seminars (Dialogue in the Dark/ STAR-S Academy)

Due to rapid development and specific characteristics of the multi-faceted business, RUSSIA CONSULTING made a decision to create a back-up Data Processing Centre (DPC). The goal was to minimize data losses in case of an emergency of the principal DPC and the ability to resume customer and user services within one hour.

Results of implementation

Accessibility of IT services and preservation of data are critical for RUSSIA CONSULTING since the company has both representatives of small and medium-sized businesses and international enterprises as its clients. The disturbance of service accessibility could lead to serious financial and goodwill losses.

After the back-up DPC was created, these risks could be minimized.

The high accessibility of IT services was ensured due to the use of virtualization technologies for data storage systems of the principal and back-up DPCs. For this purpose, a system of centralized management of the data storage infrastructure was set up based on IBM System Storage SVC equipment that allows storing a synchronous copy of data of the principal DPC in reserve DPC. The use of this system brought the risk of losing data practically to zero. IBM System Storage SVC equipment is backed up, which allows eliminating the termination of synchronous data copying in case of an error or malfunction of one of the cluster’s components.

The computing subsystem is built based on blade server technology IBM FlexSystem at the Enterprise level. This choice was determined by several factors:

  • This type of servers is used on the principal platform as the main computing system
  • The use of blade servers allows compressing computing resources by several times
  • Convenience of administration. The integrated console unites the management of not only servers but also the switching devices (SAN switchers, Ethernet switchers)
  • Power conservation.

In order to minimise operational costs of renting communication channels, wavelength-division multiplexing equipment PacketLight PL-1000E-8 was installed between server facilities, which allowed reducing the cost of the lease by several times.

Equipment and solutions by Cisco Systems were selected as the data-transmission network platform, optimal from technological point of view and ensuring adherence to all the functional requirements.

The LAN core was built based on Cisco Catalyst 3850 switchers and comprises a failsafe and fully backed up system, using Cisco Stack Wise-480 technology. The LAN core is a modular structure that acts as a platform for the connection of system elements. It ensures reliable, high-speed routing and switching of packets, termination of virtual LANs, routing traffic between virtual LANs, as well as basic security functions at the level of access control lists.

The external connection module set up based on Cisco ISRG2 routers and Cisco ASA5515-X firewalls in the cluster configuration provides the functions of connection to external networks and the Internet, routing and traffic filtering, as well as isolation of access to network resources and protection from cyber attacks.

The connection of equipment of external connections module is based on a failsafe scheme eliminating the chances of failure of the entire system in case of isolated failures of equipment or communication channels.

To create a back-up server room it was necessary to equip the selected facility with engineering infrastructure and perform general construction work. The plan with two precision and reserve wall-mounted air conditioners by Daikin was selected as the air-conditioning system. The use of this plan allows avoiding overheat of equipment if one of the air conditioners fails.

Using uninterrupted power supply АРС Smart RT 16000 allows avoiding disconnection of equipment in case of short-term failures of the power supply system.

The performed project to build a back-up DPC helped minimise the risk of data loss and service inaccessibility, thereby allowing RUSSIA CONSULTING to materially improve the loyalty of its customers and its attractiveness as a supplier of IT services.