Availability of a tele-presence studio in each office of the large international company is an effective tool for interaction, and a corporate standard for many modern organisations. The specialists of Step Logic faced the task of creating a tele-presence studio based on the three-screed system Cisco Telepresence TX9000 in the conference room of the head office of L’Oréal. Before that, an audit had to be completed to disclose the compliance of the facility’s compliance with requirements for installation of the system. Based on audit results, a list of recommendation was completed for reconstruction of the facility in accordance with the requirements.


The three-screen system of immersion tele-presence Series TX9000 Cisco TelePresence implemented in this project is designated for arranging joint work using videoconferencing technologies. The system ensures comfortable workplaces for the six members in the open workspace. The curvilinear shape of the table and placement of the three screens along an arch ensure comfortable interaction of remote participants with all present in the room, regardless of their location.

TX9000 system ensures a high-quality picture of participants while preserving proportions and dimensions, content exchange, 3D sound, and possesses intuitive sensor management interface. The principal characteristics of the system are:

  • three 65-inch screens ensuring the realistic transmission of life-sized images of the participants;
  • a cluster of three video cameras than ensure the optimum visual contact and full view of the entire room without overlapping fields of vision;
  • light reflector located behind the screens ensures the high-quality lighting of faces and reduces flashing;
  • all workplaces are equipped with electric sockets and network correctors which simplifies the use of personal devices by participants of the meeting;
  • a separate screen for content display.


For comfortable operation of tele-presence systems, certain requirements to physical parameters of the room where the system is to be installed are to be followed. An inspection of the room prior to commencement of works for system installation allows assessing its conformance to requirements to its parameters. The principal parameters of the room are its minimum physical dimensions, lighting level, acoustic parameters (noise level in the room and sound reflection), availability of the necessary number of electric sockets and connection to LAN, as well as availability of the ventilation and air conditioning system. Parameter measurements are performed using a set of special-purpose tools (RRA Kit) containing such devices and tools lighting meter (luxometer), acoustic analyser, and tone generator.

As a result of the completed survey, Step Logic specialists generated a report and compiled a list of recommendations for reconstruction of the room for system installation, specifically, recommended finishing the walls of the room with sound-absorbing panels.

After completing the works for reconstruction of the room, Step Logic experts performed installation and configuration of Cisco Telepresence TX9000 system, performed acceptance testing along with the Customer. As a result of the works, the new tele-presence studio was integrated in the international video-communication network of L’Oréal and successfully commissioned it.