In this project, conference rooms were equipped with equipment to display video materials (presentations, reports, video clips) and hold videoconferences based on different scenarios.

The system has the following  features:

  • Holding negotiations of TOP managers, including demonstration of presentation materials on a wide screen;
  • Holding videoconferences through the intra-bank network (ensuring information security);
  • Holding videoconferences through the Internet (non-confidential negotiations).


The Customer specified the following requirements to the project:

  •  Ability to hold videoconferences in different network infrastructures:
                  - intra-bank videoconferences based on Cisco infrastructure (within the encrypted intranet),
                  - external cloud videoconferences based on Orange video presence services (in the Internet).
  • Personal microphones reducing the capture of outside sounds. 
  • Automatic alignment of the video camera with the speaking delegate.
  • Telephone conference communication.
  • Specially developed interface for room management on a touch panel for user convenience.
  • Equipment downtime recognition algorithm with subsequent automatic switching off.


According to these requirements, the following options were implemented in the conference rooms:

  • Ability of demonstration of presentation materials on an 84-inch LCD screen from flash drives connected to USB connections in the access ports in the centre of the table.
  • Ability of demonstration of presentation materials on an 84-inch LCD screen from laptops and pads connected using HDMI or VGA cables located in the access ports in the centre of the table.
  • Amplification of the speaker’s voice through the ceiling acoustic systems.
  • Holding non-confidential videoconference communication sessions in the Internet.
  • Holding secure videoconference communication sessions in the isolated network segment of the bank.
  • Secure switching of audio and video signals between the secure and non-secure video conference communication equipment to be used in the same conference room.
  • Connection of the bank’s telephone communications to the conference room’s systems, including by arrangement of backup voice communication during Webex sessions.
  • A hardware-software complex has been developed, providing the user with simple tools for management of the conference rooms, despite the large number of its components.
  • Automatic management of the power supply to the equipment complex.


In order to equip the conference rooms, state-of-the-art equipment of well-known and reputable manufacturers was used:

  • AMX managing and switching systems;
  • Cisco videoconference communication systems;
  • LG display tools;
  • Sony professional video-cameras;
  • Symetrix sound signal processing system;
  • DIS microphone system.