The customer set the task of building a flexible, reliable and failsafe hardware and software platform for the placement of existing information services of Metakhim CJSC. It was necessary to develop the project and implement the design solutions within a short period of time and on a limited budget.


At the first stage, Step Logic specialists developed design solutions that solved the tasks set by the customer. They determined the principal subsystems of the hardware and software complex:

  • Server hardware subsystem
  • Virtualisation subsystem
  • Data storage subsystem
  • Back up subsystem.

To build the server hardware subsystem, highly reliable, modern Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX922 S2 blade servers were selected. According to the developed concept, in order to improve fault tolerance, a decision was made to distribute the servers between two platforms, four servers for each. For the virtualisation subsystem, VMware vShpere software was used, and to ensure automatic launch of services at the backup platform (in case of failure of the principal one) VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager software was used. This solution proved easy to manage and a reliable tool for ensuring emergency resistance qualities of business services.

Two EMC VNX5300 disk arrays with synchronous data replication arranged between them were used as data storage system, thereby allowing to materially minimise the probability of data loss.

The back up subsystem was built based on EMC Data Domain 610 disk library. The advantage of this solution is a higher recording and recovery rate as compared to tape libraries.

At the second stage, work was performed to implement the solution according to the developed project.


After completion of the work by Step Logic, the customer received a hardware and software complex meeting the requirements of reliability, management flexibility and stability, which allowed to materially lower the risk of data loss and minimise service downtime in case of failure of the principal platform.

The work was performed within the established timeframe and budget.