In 2010, LOTTE built and opened its hotel complex LOTTE Plaza. For the complex to function, it needed to have a modern and effective IT infrastructure. The project had to be completed with a limited budget and within a short period of time.


To solve this task, Step Logic specialists developed a project for building the IT infrastructure of the company, based on which it was deployed at the customer’s platform.

The deployed IT infrastructure comprises the following components:

  • A unified catalogue service ensuring storage of information on user accounts and other objects, built based on Microsoft Active Directory service as a part of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 OS
  • Basic network services, including the Domain Name Service (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocols (DHCP), NetBIOS name service (WINS), built based on components of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 OS
  • Corporate mailing service based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 software ensuring message exchange between employees
  • Microsoft software upgrading service on workstations and servers built based on Windows Server Update Services software
  • Service of filtration of access to external resources based on Microsoft ISA Server 2006 software ensuring a secure managed access to the Internet for users
  • Service of access to files and printers, allowing joint work and document printing based on the tools of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 OS
  • Database management service based on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 software that provides a set of tools for data storage in a structured format and ensuring access to them
  • Information security service built based on Symantec Endpoint Protection, Network Access Control, Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange software and ensuring the protection of servers and workstations from different viruses
  • Service of monitoring and management of the company’s information infrastructure built based on Microsoft  System Centre Operations Manager 2007 software and performing the monitoring and management of software and hardware components
  • Data backup and recovery service built based on Symantec Net Backup 6.5 software and HP MSL2024 tape library and ensuring data copying, storage and restoration
  • Data storage service, designated for centralised storage of corporate data and built based on data storage system EMC Clariion CX4-120. SAN storage system is built based on EMC DS-300R switchers.

The project utilised failsafe server equipment by HewlettPackard: HP DL380 and HP DL580 servers.


Due to the use of cutting-edge solutions and hardware, as well as effective personnel management the client received a complete, secure IT infrastructure, prepared for deployment of business applications required for the operation of the hotel complex.

As a result, the client was able to store and process corporate data and the backup and information security systems guarantee preservation of the data.