Support of overlay (fixed, mobile, process) networks of  Vympelcom PJSC customers. At least 1,000 service ports.

Experts of the Step Logic Service Center have designed and built a multi-service transport network (MSTN) for the transfer of long-distance voice traffic of Vympelcom OJSC (Beeline brand).

The network covers the entire territory of the Russian Federation, from Khabarovsk to Kaliningrad, as well as the service support of equipment in Europe.

The total number of nodes is over 50.

At the same time with the construction of the network, the company performed round-the-clock monitoring of the commissioned nodes and communication channels, as well as proactive monitoring. As a part of setting up a complex monitoring system, the company performed integration of several software products in order to cover the entire scope of needs and objectives of Vympelcom OJSC.