Within the framework of the project, the educational and training material distribution system (hereinafter referred to as “ETMDS”) of the cosmonaut and astronaut training informational support system was improved. Components of ETMDS were updated to make it possible to use the latest versions of Windows OS as client PCs. The architecture of ETMDS was modernised with respect to vendor gate control. The control server was removed from vendor gates to a separate server to reduce the gate load and provide additional storage space for security logs. The forced periodical password change function was implemented for accounts of ETMDS users to improve the general security of the system. The users now receive e-mails if their passwords are about to become invalid. The graphical interface of the web portal was partially improved with respect to Russian and English localisations and the portal appearance (logotype etc.). In order to increase the protection of ETMDS, two-factor authentication based on software and hardware keys was introduced at workplaces of administrators and operators. The security scanner software was installed to the administrator workplace within the scope of implementation of the security analysis subsystem.