Vyacheslav Evdokimov, head of the system architects unit of the information and network security department at Step Logic, finished third in the individual programme in Post-Sales IP.

19 April 2019 Huawei Enterprise Russia held a partner conference that included an award ceremony for the winners in the Russia Huawei Channel Skill Competition 2018. The competition comprised the following sections:

  • Pre-Sales: IP (routing, switching, security), IT (servers, data storage systems, cloud solutions)

  • Post-Sales: IP (routing, switching, security, WLAN), IT (servers, data storage systems, cloud solutions)


The competition was open to pre-sales and post-sales engineers working for official partners of Huawei Enterprise Russia that hold HCS, HSNA certificates and above.

The competition consisted of two stages:

  • The selection stage was held in the format of an online quizz at the Huawei training centre in Moscow. The goal for the participants was to pass three exams in any of the HCPN tracks (Routing and Switching, Security, WLAN etc) in just one day.

  • Then the candidates had to make a presentation in the same fields in which they took the tests.

Winners in the individual and team programmes were determined on the basis of their performance in the two stages in each of the fields. Vyacheslav Evdokimov excelled at setting up equipment and at knowing the intricacies of its operation and thus won third place in the individual programme in the Post-Sales IP track.