October 17, 2017 saw the start of INTERPOLITEX – 2017 exhibition, Russia's largest 22nd international exhibition of state security solutions at the National Exhibition Centre in Moscow.

INTERPOLITEX is a unique event that is a congress and exhibition rolled into one; it has a federal status and significance and its goal is to offer manufacturers, suppliers and consumers of modern special technical equipment and weapons an effective tool for achieving a broad range of marketing and promotional objectives. It's a highly prestigious forum that traditionally attracts the attention of the leading Russian and foreign manufacturers of special security and weapons systems for law enforcements and special operations units whose job is directly related to ensuring national security.

The solution presented in Step Logic's booth caught the eye of representatives of the emergency response ministry, law enforcement and security forces, state and private organisations.Fig 1..jpg

Visor Mobile Control Centre

Step Logic presented its new multimedia solution for the first time: the Visor mobile control centre makes it possible to build a mobile situational centre in the field on short notice (the equipment can operate in a broad range of temperatures, it does not require a flat surface for deployment, it can operate in dust etc.). Visor allows the users to quickly organise an encrypted video conference, deploy a monitoring system and other systems that require visual presentation of information.

The key benefits offered by the Visor control centre:

Fig 2..jpg

  • Mobility: the complex can be deployed in under ten minutes by two technicians who don't need to have any special qualifications;

  • Reliability: the complex is delivered in four water and dust proof crates resistant to any and all kinds of extreme loads that protect the monitors and the control and switching unit from any damage; 

  • Support for multiple formats: up to 11 sources of signal can be connected simultaneously in digital and analogue formats, as well as wireless sources of video signal;

  • Modularity: the display area can be expanded by simultaneously using several units.

The target audience for Visor includes law enforcement agencies, emergency response teams, healthcare organisations, major construction companies, oil and gas companies, state and private organisations with wide branch networks, which have mobile headquarters and operating locations requiring recurrent migration.