September, 2017. Moscow. Step Logic presents the Visor Mobile Control Centre, а unique technical solution in the field of multimedia. This system can immediately deploy videoconferencing, a monitoring system and other systems that require graphical information presentation under absolutely any conditions. 

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The Visor Mobile Control Centre is an innovative solution that combines portability, reliability, ease of use, scalability and upgradability to specific tasks and application conditions.

The Visor is designed for defence and law enforcement agencies, emergency units, health care organisations, large building contractors, oil and gas industries, public and private companies with extensive branch networks which have mobile headquarters and accommodation points in need of periodic migration. 

The most important advantage of the Visor Mobile Control Centre is that it is possible to use it under extreme conditions and within wide ranges of temperatures, which makes this system the only market product with such characteristics.

A thin-joint display unit consists of four screen modules with the total resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels used to support various formats. The video information display area can be increased in modules by using a number of Visor systems at a time. 

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Control of the system is maintained through the centralised video control, switching and processing unit: The high-tech 'brain' of the system enables the simultaneous processing of different video signal sources in digital and analogue formats. The Visor is able to integrate with videoconferencing systems, monitoring systems and other systems that need graphical information presentation.

The Visor Mobile Control Centre is delivered in 4 cases that are resistant to all types of extreme loads and provide reliable protection for screen modules and video centralised control, switching and processing unit.

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This solution fully implements the plug and play concept: The system can be prepared for operation by two specialists; the assembly requires no special skills and takes less than ten minutes; The Visor Mobile Control Centre is a product made in Russia and it can be upgraded to specific tasks and operating conditions. By using the Visor, the customer will receive a cutting-edge high-tech product with a very wide range of practical applications under both steady-state and field conditions.