Step Logic presented new technologies at Cisco Connect conference held at the Moscow World Trade Centre on April 4-5, 2017. During its long history this forum has become the largest IT-event in Russia and other CIS countries annually gathering hundreds of leaders from various industries to discuss global trends in the IT industry. The main topic of this year conference is “Digitalisation: here and now”. Within the framework of the conference the largest exhibition of Cisco and its partners’ solutions was held represented by the leading companies in the field of IT and telecommunications. Step Logic, a Gold Partner of Cisco Systems since 2004, presented a range of unique solutions, such as

           Winners of the
      "Mobile Enterprise"

The Head Point smart solution. On the basis of the Head Point smart platform an industrial unit was integrated with fire and security systems, voice alarm control and indicating equipment via Cisco IP telephony. The exhibition demonstrated two response scenarios which were interactively embodied in the intuitive interface of the system and displayed on a video wall. The presented integration solution reflects the platform’s capability to combine and display the key information in a single window coming from security systems, engineering systems, manufacturing equipment, as well as any sensors regardless of a manufacturer. The intelligent platform analyses the received data, identifies emergency situations and responds according to the given scenario.

Integration of the Head Point platform with devices powered by iOS. The presented solution makes it possible to perform live stream and online analysis of streaming video and data from all sensors of Apple devices, including GPS, accelerometer and etc. by using specifically developed application software. The integration solution demonstrates the possibility of using Apple devices to solve complex operational tasks in such industries as the agricultural industry, manufacturing and retail.

Joint solutions of Cisco and Apple. Cisco Spark is a new generation cloud service intended to replace a variety of business management instruments with one maximally efficient instrument. This objective is achieved by integrating various communications channels: telephony, video and chat technologies, as well as means of content sharing in one application available on any device and in any browser as a web client. The key advantage of this solution is cost optimisation: a user does not need to bear the capital costs for infrastructure to use the service.

In addition, Step Logic held an award ceremony for the winners of the competition hosted together with Cisco and Apple, the main prize of which became an iPad mini. This event was related to launching a new service from two giants of the IT industry- Cisco and Apple in the territory of Russia. Their joint solution –“The Mobile Enterprise” – integrates mobile devices running on IOS 10 (iPhone and iPad) into the information infrastructure of an enterprise. By means of this solution it is possible to optimise the connection of devices to wireless networks of the enterprise, to synchronise device operation with fixed phones, as well as choose the priority for the operation of specified business applications that are the most relevant for the employees of the enterprise. Step Logic is one of the first companies in Russia to offer services for integration of Cisco and Apple.