January 2017. Moscow. A Gold Partner of Cisco Systems,Step Logic recieved the #NeverBetter award for achievements in the field of technology transformation of business processes and customer IT infrastructure, as well as the introduction of large-scale hi-tech projects in the Russian market.

Early 2016, Cisco launched the campaign There’s Never Been A Better Time to popularise the capabilities of high technologies, digitalisation and social communications for business transformation tasks. Cisco’s modern solutions make it possible to completely rebuild and optimise the functioning of IT infrastructures, as well as to improve the processes of providing companies’ products and services. Digitalisation makes organisations and entire industries rebuild business models, ways of communication with customers, partners, and suppliers, optimise and accelerate the processes of product and service development, which requires the relevant rebuilding of the IT infrastructure, computing model, implementation of BYOD strategies, a different view on information security tasks.

Together with its partners Cisco demonstrates and proves the importance of high-tech solutions in order to solve pressing problems in the field of industrial security, building the city security systems and video analytics, improving communications, optimisation and reduction of the costs for IT infrastructure. The #NeverBetter program focuses on real success stories of partners and their customers in the most technology-intensive and revolutionary fields of modern IT solutions.

Step Logic has been implementing hi-tech projects of various scales for 25 years helping its customers to build and transform the most modern and adapted to business tasks infrastructure in such fields as telecommunications, industry, energy sector, finance, public services and education. Longstanding partnership with Cisco, having a large number of specialisations in the field of data-processing centres, unified communications, security, as well as both experts of expert-technical level (CCIE) and business-oriented analysts (Business Value Practitioner) allows the Step Logic team to solve the most complex tasks at the interface of current trends in the field of cloud technologies, software defined networks and protection from targeted threats.