Smart OilL&Gas: Digital transformation of the industry

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19 September 2018 - 20 September 2018

The STEP LOGIC team is to participate in the 4th Federal IT Forum "Smart Oil&Gas: Digital Transformation of the Industry", which will take place at the Hilton Hotel St.-Petersburg Expoforum on September 19-20, 2018. The forum is organized by the ComNews group.

STEP LOGIC offers oil and gas companies a wide range of network and system integration services, including the creation of engineering and IT infrastructures, modernization of data transmission networks, design and construction of DPC, protection of critical information infrastructure, etc.

The company's portfolio has a number of comprehensive solutions for industrial safety and labour protection, including RFID-based solutions. For example, a single system for registration and inventory of hazardous facilities and technical devices ensures site safety and personnel control.

The integrator's solutions targeting specific customers according to the needs of their production and business processes, allow to increase the efficiency of extraction and processing of raw materials, increase the capacity of pipeline transportation, reduce production costs, and provide comprehensive protection of critical facilities.

For instance, STEP LOGIC has built one of the most complex and extended IT-systems in the Russian oil industry for the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC). Thanks to the modernisation of the existing and the creation of a new, fault-tolerant and secure IT-infrastructure at more than 100 facilities of the customer, the data transmission speed along the route of the pipeline has gone up 25-fold. As a result, the throughput capacity of the CPC main pipeline increased more than twofold — from 28.2 million to 67 million tonnes of oil per year. The export route connecting oil fields in western Kazakhstan and the Russian coast of the Caspian Sea with the oil terminal outside of Novorossiysk is over 1.5 thousand kilometres in length.

The 2018 IT-forum of the Russian oil and gas industry is a unique opportunity to discuss and share the experience in solving key issues and relevant IT and industry automation problems of the oil and gas sector, including innovative technologies and the development of approaches to the implementation of IT-projects with the support of business, developers, and the State in the new political and economic realities.

The most important forum topics are going to be the digital transformation of the oil and gas industry and its effective integration with the Digital Economy program, as well as the management of risks associated with the total digital transformation.

The Smart Oil&Gas Forum audience will be made up of the leaders and top managers of digitalisation units and IT-teams of oil and gas companies; representatives of regulatory authorities, state institutions, and development funds; top managers of Russian developers of IT-solutions, software, telecommunications equipment, and computer-aided process control systems; leaders of integrator companies and vendors; journalists of business- and industry-related media; analysts and industry experts.

To find out more about the program and requirements for conference participation, follow this link.

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