Step Logic offers development and implementation services for solutions at all levels: from DAS to SDS, from cost effective, high-performance systems to hi-end storage systems. The company’s highly experienced staff have worked on such projects as building complex, powerful and geographically distributed systems with multipoint replication and creating flexible, universal and inexpensive virtual storage facilities as part of hyper-convergence solutions.

These days, data storage systems are turning from individual “boxes” into a combination of interconnected nodes with centralised management. Virtualisation, de-duplication, data compression, replication, back up, unified access – these are only a few of their capacities.

By using modern data storage systems you will be able not only to store information, but also:

  • To ensure information availability in case of failure of hardware or software components
  • To guarantee adherence to SLA
  • To effectively use available resources
  • To perform horizontal and vertical scaling of resources