In the modern world, the amount of data being processed is rapidly growing, and information is becoming the most valuable asset. It needs to be effectively stored as well as quickly and conveniently accessed.

Every year, many companies face data loss, and a third of them suffer serious financial losses. The lost computing resources can be restored while the lost data, in the absence of a well-designed and implemented backup system, is not subject to recovery. Therefore, the use of a data storage system is an extremely efficient and important solution from both the technical and the economic point of view.

Key objectives of data storage and processing systems:

  • Catastrophe-proof
  • Prompt load redistribution
  • Migration of information systems to new platforms
  • Build-up of productivity
  • Geographic distribution and centralization of services

Step Logic has a lot of experience in design and creation of data storage systems. The company uses equipment by leading global manufacturers who are at the top level of competency in their respective areas.