Step Logic Service Department offers the following services to its clients:

1. 24x7 support of  carrier-class network and transport equipment, servers and data storage systems, workstations, peripheral and mobile user devices, uninterruptible power systems, telephone exchanges and corporate networks of any complexity.

2. Round-the-clock monitoring of network and server equipment using both own monitoring systems and the existing customer systems, including localisation and elimination of emergencies and reconfiguration of the network and server infrastructure.

3. Diagnostics and solution of issues related to the functioning of equipment and software of various manufacturers (both remotely and by visiting customer's site).

4. Interaction with the maintenance departments of providers offering communication channels, as well as protection of the customer's interests during communication with telecom operators, and resolution of conflicts.

5. Installation and commissioning of equipment - a full scope of works including subsequent technical maintenance and support.

6. Warranty service - warranty repair of the out-of-order equipment, as well as provision of the advance replacement (for customers who executed a service agreement).

7. Post-warranty maintenance and repair- provision of the extended warranty and maintenance of equipment purchased in other companies.

8. Immediate diagnostics and restoration after breakdowns.