Step Logic is an official partner (franchisee) of 1C and renders a full spectrum of services to implement solutions based on 1C software products.

Rendered services:

  • Consultations on the choice of the software tools
  • Sale of software products
  • Solutions set-up and implementation
  • Information and technological support (ITS)

The serviced 1C software products:

  • 1C: Accounting 8
  • 1C: Trade Management 8
  • 1C: Salary and Human Resources Management 8

For questions related to 1C products, please call: (495) 775-3120 or write to the e-mail address:

"1C: Enterprise 8"

The software system "1C: Enterprise 8" is designed to solve a wide range of tasks with regard to the management and accounting automation in a modern organisation. The manager may choose those "1C: Enterprise 8" solutions that correspond to the actual needs of his organisation in the best possible way. Changes in the business requirements, legislation or economic conditions enable to quickly readjust the applied solutions without putting them to a stop: to create more jobs, expand functionality, make changes to the business processes, integrate with other solutions on the 1C: Enterprise platform and external information systems.

High degree of adaptation of "1C: Enterprise 8" to the environment of a certain organisation is combined with all the benefits of a mass-proven product: centralised improvement of technologies, prompt introduction of changes relating to the legislative base, powerful methodological and technological support of a well-known firm.

"1C: Accounting 8" is a universal program for automation of the bookkeeping and tax accounting including preparation of compulsory reporting.

Whatever business the organisation is engaged in, be it wholesale or retail trade, commission trade, provision of services, production or construction, "1C: Accounting 8" will help to organise an effective and comfortable bookkeeping and tax accounting. The program supports all taxation systems: general, simplified, the system of taxation in the form of a uniform tax on the imputed income.

  • Accounting of the economic activities of several enterprises, also in the uniform information base (in the PROF version)
  • Accounting "from the document" and typical operations
  • Accounting of banking and cash operations
  • Accounting of settlements with counterparties
  • Inventory management
  • Accounting of trade operations
  • Accounting of the fixed and intangible assets
  • Accounting of the main and auxiliary production, and of semi-finished products
  • Accounting of wages, personnel and personified accounting
  • Automatic completion of the month's closing operations
  • Preparation of the regulated reporting, also for submission of the reporting in electronic form
  • Standard accounting statements with extensive adjustment capabilities and an indicator deciphering facility
  • An ability to update the reporting forms via the Internet

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"1C: Trade Management 8" is a modern tool for increasing the trade business efficiency

"1C: Trade Management 8" handles the tasks of organisation of the managerial and operational accounting, analysis and planning, automates trade, financial and warehouse operations, which ensures the up-to-date level of the wholesale or retail enterprise management in aggregate:

  • Customer relations management (CRM)
  • Pricing policy management
  • Sales management
  • Sales representatives management
  • Cash funds management
  • Inventory management
  • Procurement management
  • Planning of sales and purchases
  • Monitoring and analysis of commercial activity indicators

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"1C: Salary and personnel management 8

Automation of settlements with the staff and support of the staff policy

Main possibilities:

  • Keeping records of several organisations in the uniform information base
  • Calculation of wages, charges, deductions and taxes
  • Automatic calculation of insurance premiums
  • Preparation of regulated reporting
  • Management of financial motivation of the staff
  • Recruitment needs planning
  • Solving the tasks of providing the business with the staff- selection, questioning and estimation
  • Planning of employment and employees' vacation schedules
  • Personnel accounting and analysis of personnel
  • Keeping the regulated workflow

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Support of the registered users

1C supports the users of its programs. The terms for the support of the "1C: Enterprise" software products depend on the version and variant of the product delivery.

1C provides free support for the basic versions of the "1C: Enterprise 8" software products.

There is a paid information and technological support (ITS) for the users of "1C: Enterprise 8" programs (scalable, supporting multi-user mode of operation, changing (configuring) of the applied solutions, etc.):

  • updating of programs and forms of reporting from the user support website
  • access to the knowledge base of the technical support department
  • 1C consultation line by the special ITS telephone number and e-mail
  • the website and monthly DVD releases contain recommendations and methodological materials on the effective use and adjustment of programs, comfortable guides on taxes and dues, on the standard business transactions and their registration in programs, analytical monitoring of legislation, materials of top economic publications, regulatory and legal information
  • service engineer services, consulting and other services depending on the ITS type

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