Wireless data transmission networks become a critical component of the IT infrastructure, since most companies are interested in large-scale use of mobile devices.

Wireless networks provide:

  • Protected, controlled user access to internal information resources and the Internet
  • Visitor access service
  • Operation of intra-corporate services of IP telephony and videoconference communication
  • Remote access of employees to work outside the office

Based on latest solutions, specialists of Step Logic successfully launch wireless networks of any scale, designation and complexity:

  • Corporate wireless networks of an office/building complex
  • Wireless networks of an industrial platform, warehouse
  • Geographically distributed wireless networks
  • Public wireless networks providing communication in public places

Wireless networks built based on a centralized infrastructure:

  • Wireless access controllers
  • Points with various standards and types of application
  • Network management and monitoring systems

Moreover, additional components may be used as a part of the solution:

  • Access control systems (BYOD)
  • Safety control systems (wIPS)
  • System for tracking customer and equipment locations
  • Self-service portals