Data transmission networks for corporate clients comprise the basis for creating and operating intra-corporate and information systems and services of any enterprise. This is why the networks are to be built with assurance of high performance, required reliability level, scalability and controllability parameters.

Step Logic offers its customers different options for data transmission networks:

  • Local-area networks (LANs)
  • Corporate data transmission networks (CDTN)

A local-area network is a network infrastructure covering a territorially limited facility (office/building/building complex) of an organisation. A modern LAN is built based on different topologies using modular approach and using routing and switching equipment as well as security equipment.

LAN provides:

  • User connection
  • Connection of local servers and information systems
  • Information interaction with external networks and Internet

A corporate data transmission network is a network infrastructure for organisations having several offices, allowing to unite individual LANs within a joint structure (central platform – branches). CDTN is built based on public/global communication channels (WAN channels, Internet) using solutions for optimisation, monitoring and quality control of communication channels.