Operator data transmission networks make up a transport base for the provision of communication services. Communication operators face very high requirements with regard to ensuring the quality of services. For this kind of a network, it is critical to ensure minimum failures and downtime.

Operator networks are based on:

  • Transport optical networks xWDM/SDH, ensuring high-speed, reliable long-distance information transfer
  • Transport intra-city networks

These days, multi-service networks based on MPLS technologies, built using hi-tech switching and routing equipment and capable of offering an unlimited number of services (data, voice, video) based on a single infrastructure, have become especially relevant for overlay networks. They ensure:

  • Operation deployment of services
  • Effective traffic management
  • Flexible development/scaling
  • Material reduction of operational expenses for equipment and infrastructure

Operators can effectively provide the following customer services based on multi-service data transmission networks:

  • Virtual private networks L2VPN/L3VPN
  • IPTV
  • IP-telephony
  • Broadband Internet access
  • Channels with pre-set service level (SLA)

Advantages of projects building multiservice networks for communication operators as performed by Step Logic specialists:

  • Increasing subscriber base by creating new services and increasing the loyalty of the current subscribers
  • Increasing average revenue per user (ARPU) by offering a wide range of services and customisation of services
  • Effective use of network infrastructure
  • Easily controllable, simple and reliable technology of multi-service networks that reduces the costs of operation and servicing
  • Reduction of costs for the development of the operator’s network – the network is ready for the launch of new services