A DPC data transmission network is a high-performance transport platform and critical component.

The main characteristics of the networks are:

  • High performance
  • Simultaneous processing of large volumes of computer complex information
  • Possibility of flexible generation of policies for the operation of systems and services within DPC
  • Support of virtualisation technologies
  • Ensuring high-speed and protected interaction with external network and Internet

Step Logic builds DPC data transmission networks based on various architectures, models and designs, using specialised network equipment - high-performance switchboards and routers that allow ensuring the required density of high-capacity connection ports (1/10/40/100 Hz/s). The solution may include additional services to ensure:

  • Load balance
  • Monitoring and management
  • Control of applications and traffic delimitation
  • Information protection functions

Step Logic also specialises in the creation of catastrophe-proof and distributed DPCs that have high operation requirements for data transmission networks with respect to fault-tolerance, protection, supported types of transport, and load balancing.