Step Logic assists its customers in efficient resistance to information security threats.  These threats may be aimed at secret data and  information ensuring civil rights and liberties.

Today, there is a great number of catalogues of threats and methods of their modelling, as well as damage assessment:

  • Established by regulatory bodies (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of the Russian Federation and Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation)
  • Recommended by the Bank of Russia in the series of standards STO BR IBBS
  • Suggested by international and national organisations for standardisation (ISO, GOST, NIST, BSI etc.)
  • Prescribed by software for security risks automation (CRAMM, COBRA, RiskWatch, etc.)

Step Logic specialists not only use these particular recommendations and requirements but also the integrated approach involving development of the individual techniques for threat modelling and information security risk assessment.

As a result, the customer gets a relevant list of information security threats and recommendations on how to react to them.