BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a technology that is a process of collective creation and use of data about an object at different stages of its life cycle (from planning to construction, operation and demolition / reconstruction).

Using BIM-design creates a three-dimensional model of the building where experts can add architectural and engineering, economic, technological, engineer-construction, and other important characteristics. This approach is characterized by the fact that the building and everything that goes with it is designed together as a single unit. And changing one of its parameters entails automatic changes in other related parameters and objects, including drawings, visualizations, specifications, and construction schedule.

Our team of highly qualified Step Logic engineers creates facilities for clients using the latest automated design system that empowers it to:

  • Improve the quality and accuracy of design;

  • Minimize design errors with the help of automated monitoring tools;

  • Create realistic network summary plans;

  • Minimize design solutions with comments like "to be resolved on-site / to be mounted on-site";

  • Ensure compliance with industry standards (Order of the Ministry of Construction of Russia No. 926/pr dated December 29, 2014);

  • Apply BIM-models to comply with the requirements of the Moscow State Examination Board;

All the sections necessary for the construction and modernization of facilities — architecture, constructions and decor, utility networks and responsible information technology equipment — are developed by Step Logic engineers using BIM-modeling and specialized calculation modules that give the following advantages:

  • Monitoring the design process in real time;

  • Assessment of the end results using a 3D model at early stages of the project;

  • Joint simultaneous work of designers using a 3D model;

  • Automatic checks for intersections and integrity of subsystems;

  • Automatic calculation of specifications;

  • Increased controllability and monitoring of related and contracted parties;

  • Drawings, plans, sections and any other visualizations according to GOST are obtained using a section of a single 3D model;

  • Using the 3D model for a virtual tour of the facility before the project is implemented.

Step Logic engineers add a 3D model of the building filled with all the systems to the usual paper project documentation, such as plans, drawings and explanatory notes. The resulting 3D model is used at all stages of the facility's life cycle. Besides, the object acquires new parameters, time and cost, which makes it possible to correlate the paper documents and the construction of the facility in real time using 5D-graphs. Using these graphs helps a clearer demonstration of the project implementation process and elimination of downtime and problems caused by incorrect sequence of work.

The experience of projects implemented in Russia confirms that the use of BIM-technologies makes it possible to achieve:

  • Increased accuracy of specifications and cost estimates up to 95% with automated calculation against 70% when developing 2D drawings;

  • Reduction of construction time by 10%;

  • Reduction of the cost of the object by 30%.